In the beautiful interior of the fertile Chengdu Plain shines a dazzling education pearl —the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School. With advanced educational ideas and solid teaching methods, it has become a beautiful educational landscape in Sichuan as well as in China and a holy land where many students aspire to be educated. As the junior high school of Shuangliu MiddleSchool—a national model school, the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School is a modern joint-stock school founded with the approval of Chengdu Educational Bureau. At present there are over 3000 students and 300 staff in the school, which is the experimental base for science research projects of the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University education and training base, the National Traditional Sports Events school, and the train base for physics Olympic Competition of Sichuan University and for mathematics, chemistry Olympic Competition of Sichuan Normal University. In recent years, the school fully relies on a good policy environment, makes use of new school management mechanism, actively promotes the school's humanitarian efforts, standardization, innovation and modernization, and has already built the quality education model which is centered on curriculum reform. Its teaching capabilities have been recognized by our peers as well as the community. It was named an "A-level unit of food hygiene inSichuanProvince," the famous brand school inChina, "school in the national school management innovation brand" and other awards one after another.



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